Head of the Second Orthopaedics Unit at Suzzara Hospital.

Head of the Second Rehabilitation Specialistic at Suzzara Hospital.


Graduated with honours in Medicine and Surgery from Bologna University in 1998 (110/110 e lode) with a post-graduate specialisation (honours) degree in Trauma and Orthopaedics in 2003 from Verona University.

Specialised in prosthetic surgery, especially in knee, shoulder and hip surgery, and arthroscopic shoulder, elbow, knee and tibiotarsal surgery.  Under his direction the Orthopaedics unit 2 treats articular damage caused by professional and amateur sports injuries, as well as all degenerative diseases (e.g. Arthrosis).

In cases of arthritis surgery, hip and knee prostheses are implanted with minimally invasive techniques to facilitate more rapid functional recovery.

In hip replacement surgery, the AMIS technique is used (minimally invasive anterior hip surgery) as well as minimally invasive lateral surgery that allow the operated patient to recover walking capacity rapidly.

In knee replacement surgery, mobile bearing prostheses are implanted with non-invasive femoral canal access using a new method called “EMAS technique”.

A range of tendon and cartilage diseases is treated applying growth factors and cartilage transplantation.

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